Corporate Responsibility

We believe our people are our strongest asset. As an equal opportuntities employer, we welcome applications from everyone and strive to employ the best person for the job.


When considering applications for employment from disabled people, the Group seeks to ensure that fair and full thought is given to the abilities and aptitudes of the applicant while keeping in mind the requirements of the job for which he or she has applied. Employees who become unable to carry out their job properly will be given individual consideration and depending on the nature, severity and duration of the disability may be considered for alternative work.


The Group has an open communication policy with its employees. Regular communication on the strategy, plans and performance of the Group is undertaken and reinforced by site meetings of staff, as well as by briefings through line management.

The Group's commitment to managing the performance of its staff encourages both individuals and the Group to recognise individuals' strengths and development potential. We operate a remuneration programme which is based on merit.

Health and Safety

All sites operate in accordance with the Group's Health and Safety policies and procedures. These policies and procedures ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, that the health and safety of all employees and anyone else who is affected by the Group's activities is appropriately safe guarded.

Furthermore, the Group is committed to developing a culture where all employees pay appropriate attention to health and safety risks to ensure that accidents and dangerous occurrences are prevented wherever possible. To this end the following actions are taken;

  • Health and safety training is provided as appropriate and forms part of the induction process for all new employees
  • Health and safety is a regular agenda item at managers meetings
  • Health and Safety issues are reported, if appropriate, within the monthly divisional board reports