Work is much more enjoyable when you’re employed within a purpose-driven yet friendly and supportive environment. Allergy Therapeutics offers a range of opportunities across many specialties for ambitious, talented and naturally collaborative individuals.

Listed below are our main areas of expertise. Perhaps there’s an opportunity within one of them for you to make your own contribution.


Our Quality Control scientists work objectively and with great attention to detail in order to meet the expectations of regulators, clinicians and patients.

Our Method Development scientists combine deep scientific understanding with analytical techniques so they can conceptualise, design and deliver our ground-breaking products and processes.

Our Research & Development team keep us ahead of the competition with new and innovative product design.

Our Project Managers are always busy executing large numbers of active, cross-functional scientific projects.

Our Clinical Science and Operations groups translate pre-clinical data into innovative clinical trial designs. This leads to high quality study results that support regulatory filings and help ensure market approval for our products.


This includes our Filling, Distribution, Inspection, Labelling & Packaging and Warehouse teams, all of which play a vital role in the running of the company. They’re responsible for meeting customer demand and patients’ specific needs by ensuring our innovative products reach their markets and destinations worldwide.

Business and Market Support

Pioneering work happens when you combine high standards with a commitment to being the very best and a culture of continuous improvement.

This is the role of our Process Improvement, Regulatory Affairs, and Quality Assurance, Services and Validation teams. They enable us to meet industry standards and remain fully compliant with pharmaceutical regulatory requirements.

The Market Support team is the link between manufacturing and markets. Serving hospitals and pharmacies, these teams deal with customer queries and ensure our products are delivered on time.


In an operation like ours, everything needs to work efficiently if our production is to run smoothly. This is the responsibility of our Engineering teams.

They provide technical support to all areas of the business and maintain many different types of equipment.

They also ensure the business remains compliant with both Government (Statutory) and GxP (Regulatory) Legislation.

Flexible and dedicated, they can be called on at any time, day or night, to fix a wide range of problems.

Core Business

The critical functions of Finance, HR, IT, and Health, Safety & Environment support the business and enable us to achieve a range of strategic goals.

These teams ensure that our pioneering work and ground-breaking products are fully supported and that our people have the tools, processes and systems to be the best they can be.


A group of scientific and experts in allergology, this team brings together the medical heart and ethical mind of the company.

They provide the bridge between all departments and interact with almost all of their colleagues, supporting them through medical training, KOL networking and patient focus.

Business Development, Sales and Marketing

By setting targets and strategies that enable us to find new customers and explore new markets, this team grows and shapes the future of our business.

Their work is critical to helping us transform more peoples’ lives so we can continue to make a real difference within our industry.