Our culture

We are ambitious people who transform lives through the extraordinary ideas we develop and bring to market. Our values shape how we work every day, enabling us to maintain a high-achieving culture with a single global mind-set.

We enable our people to develop themselves, and each other, so we can all be truly accountable for our company’s future growth. We collaborate through honest and transparent relationships. And we’re inclusive and generous – sharing information and ideas so we can all enjoy individual and collective success.

Our values

Visionary: Pioneer, Passion, Courage

We lead as one global pioneering team, anticipating and robustly responding to changes in the market. Our courageous vision balances the needs of patients, healthcare professionals, employees and shareholders – all for the greater good

Commitment: Integrity, Engagement, Together

Collectively, we are committed to developing and coaching each other in order to achieve extraordinary results. Individually, we assume responsibility for our performance in order to drive future growth and maintain a high-achieving culture.

Menschlichkeit: Respect, Honesty, Equality

We collaborate through open, honest and transparent relationships. Our decision making process is inclusive and respects individual sensitivities. And we are always generous in sharing the information and ideas that help us succeed.

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