Allergy Therapeutics is a Global speciality pharmaceutical business and is a growing company with an ambitious R&D programme. This growth provides the opportunity for us to attract top talent to our Global operation.

We believe our people are our strongest asset and we aim to employ people of the highest calibre. We are totally committed to providing our employees with the opportunity to grow and develop and reach their full potential.

Our business has an entrepreneurial approach with a people focused culture delivering flexible working solutions to all employees.

Please find below the calculations as at 5th April 2017:


Employees who receive a bonus83.2%80.6%

Upper middle49%51%
Lower middle34%66%

What is driving our gaps?

At Allergy Therapeutics, we make sure that employees in similar roles are being paid equitably. However, we do have a gender pay gap and our analysis identifies that our pay gap is primarily a result of the imbalance between numbers of women and men at different levels within the Company. We have a smaller proportion of women than men currently occupying senior leadership roles. In addition, we have more women than men in less senior roles.

Our quoted mean and median bonus gaps are symptomatic of the above-mentioned imbalance. A further contributor to this is that, for those on maternity leave or who work part time (the majority of whom are women), as is common, bonuses are usually pro-rated accordingly. However, the statutory calculations simply look at the overall bonus figures paid out, and so do not allow us to reflect the difference in working patterns and the effect of pro-rating in our bonus calculations.

Our Aims

With regards to our senior leaders, our aims will be to have:

a 70:30 male / female composition of our Board of Directors by 2025
a 50:50 male / female composition of our Executive Team by 2023

What are we doing to achieve our aims and reduce our gaps?

Our intention is to invest in our digital capabilities, as we believe this will enhance our tracking, measuring and monitoring capabilities. This not only relates to our new employees’ application pipeline but also performance & talent management. Digitally enhanced data will enable us to proactively manage gender balance in recruitment and reward.

Ongoing management training and education will be provided to reduce any potential unconscious bias, particularly in relation to performance and talent management.

We aim to proactively address the impact of the wider societal gender pay gap by ensuring salary decisions made at the recruitment stage are not based solely on an individual’s previous salary.

Allergy Therapeutics is committed to achieving gender balance and our aim is to use our ongoing initiatives to continue to improve on this going forward. We are determined to be an inclusive and diverse company where we will nurture the attitudes and mind-sets required to achieve this.


We confirm that our data is accurate and has been calculated according to the requirements of the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017.

Manuel Llobet - Chief Executive

Pavica Barr - Officer Organisational Development & HR Director