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Publications and Posters Allergy TherapeuticsAllergy Therapeutics is represented by members of the Science and Clinical R&D teams at major world allergy conferences such as the European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI) congress.

Immunogenicity of a Modified Microcrystalline Tyrosine (MCT®)-Adsorbed Ragweed Immunotherapeutic Product with Monophosphoryl Lipid A in a Murine Model. 

J.W. Hutchings, M.D. Heath, M.A. Skinner. ARC Journal of Immunology and Vaccines; Volume 2, Issue 1, 2017, PP 22-27

Microcrystalline Tyrosine (MCT®): A Depot Adjuvant in Licensed Allergy Immunotherapy Offers New Opportunities in Malaria. 

Cabral-Miranda G., Heath M.D., Gomes A.C., Mohsen M.O., Montoya-Diaz E., Salman A.M., Atcheson E., Skinner M.A., Kramer M.F., Reyes-Sandoval A. and Bachmann M.F. Vaccines 2017, 5(4), 32. 

The grass pollen season 2015: a proof of concept multi-approach study in three different European cities.

Kmenta M., Bastl K., Berger U., Kramer M.F., Heath M.D., Pätsi S., Pessi A.M., Saarto A., Werchan B., Werchan M., Zetter R. and Bergmann K.C. World Allergy Organization Journal 2017 10:31.

Virus-Like Particle (VLP) Plus Microcrystalline Tyrosine (MCT) Adjuvants Enhance Vaccine Efficacy Improving T and B Cell Immunogenicity and Protection against Plasmodium berghei/vivax.

Cabral-Miranda G., Heath M.D., Mohsen M.O., Gomes A.C., Engeroff P., Flaxman A., Leoratti F.M.S., El-Turabi A., Reyes-Sandoval A., Skinner M.A., Kramer M.F., Bachmann M.F. Vaccines 2017, 5, 10.

Clinical use of adjuvants in allergen-immunotherapy

Klimek L., Schmidt-Weber C.B., Kramer M.F., Skinner M.A. and Heath M.D. Expert Review of Clinical Immunology, 2017. VOL 13:6, 599-610.

Adjuvantien in der allergenspezifischen Immuntherapie – AIT

Klimek L, Kramer M. and Pfaar O. Allergologie, Jahrgang 40, Nr. 2/2017, S. 46-49 (Article in German)

Comparison of a novel microcrystalline tyrosine adjuvant with aluminium hydroxide for enhancing vaccination against seasonal influenza. 

Heath, M.D., Swan, N.J., Marriott, A.C., Silman, N.J., Hallis, B., Prevosto, C., Gooch, K.E & Skinner, M.A. BMC Infectious Diseases (2017) 17:232. 

Molecular Fingerprinting of Complex Grass Allergoids: size assessments reveal new insights in epitope repertoires and functional capacities

Starchenka, S., Bell, A.J., Mwange, J., Skinner, M.A and Heath, M.D. World Allergy Organization Journal (2017) 10:17.

The grass pollen season 2014 in Vienna: A pilot study combining phenology, aerobiology and symptom data

Kmenta M., Bastla K., Kramer M.F., Hewings S.J., Mwange J., Zetter R. and Berger U. Sci Total Environ 2016 Oct 15;566-567:1614-20.

A novel microcrystalline tyrosine-adsorbed, mite-allergoid subcutaneous immunotherapy: 1-year follow-up report.

Roger A., Depreux N., Jurgens Y., Serra A.T., Heath M.D., Garcia G. and Skinner M.A. Immunotherapy (2016) 8(10), 1169–1174.

Analysis of aluminium in rat following administration of allergen immunotherapy using either aluminium or microcrystalline-tyrosine-based adjuvants.

McDougall SA, Heath MD, Kramer MF and Skinner MA.
Bioanalysis. 2016 Mar; 8(6):547-56.

Molecular, proteomic and immunological parameters of allergens provide inclusion criteria for new candidates within established grass and tree homologous groups. 

Heath MD, Collis JC, Batten TN, Hutchings JW, Swan NJ and Skinner MA. 
World Allergy Organ J. 2015 8:21

The adsorption of allergoids and 3-O-desacyl-4′-monophosphoryl lipid A (MPL®) to microcrystalline tyrosine (MCT) in formulations for use in allergy immunotherapy.  

Bell AJ, Heath MD, Hewings SJ and Skinner MA. 
Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry 152 (2015) 147-153

A novel and well tolerated mite allergoid subcutaneous immunotherapy: evidence of clinical and immunologic efficacy.

Roger A, Depreux M, Jurgens Y, Heath MD, Garcia G and Skinner MA. 
Immunity, Inflammation and Disease, Vol 2, Issue 2, p 92–98, 2014

Aluminium in allergen-specific subcutaneous immunotherapy--a German perspective.

Kramer MF, Heath MD. 
Vaccine 32 (2014) 4140–4148

Probiotics in the treatment of chronic rhinoconjunctivitis and chronic rhinosinusitis.

Kramer MF, Heath MD. 
J Allergy (Cairo). 2014; 2014:983635.

Cross-reactivity in Grasses: Biochemical Attributes Define Exemplar Relevance.

Bullimore A, Batten T, Hewings S, Fischer von Weikersthal-Drachenberg KJ and Skinner M. 
World Allergy Organ J. 2012 Oct;5(10):111-9.

A proteomic style approach to characterise a grass mix product reveals potential immunotherapeutic benefit.

Bullimore AD, Swan NJ, Alawode WA and Skinner MA. 
World Allergy Organ J. 2011; 4:140-146.

A battery of genotoxicity studies with an allergy vaccine adjuvanted with monophosphoryl lipid A (MPL®) for the treatment of grass pollen allergy.

Reeve L, Baldrick P, Hewings S and Skinner M.
J. Appl. Toxicol. 2012, 32: 608–616. 

Reproduction and juvenile animal toxicology studies in the rat with a new allergy vaccine adjuvanted with monophosphoryl lipid A (MPL(®)) for the treatment of grass pollen allergy.

Baldrick P, Hewings S and Skinner M. 
Reprod Toxicol. 2011 Nov; 32(3):322-8. 

Assessing and controlling the spread and the effects of common ragweed in Europe. Final Report to the European Commission, DG Environment. NERC Centre for Ecology and Hydrology. (2012)

Bullock J..Lees B, Skinner M,  Finch S and C Brough

Pollinex Quattro® Ragweed: Safety Evaluation of a New Allergy Vaccine Adjuvanted with Monophosphoryl Lipid A (MPL®) for the Treatment of Ragweed Pollen Allergy.

Baldrick P, Richardson D, Woroniecki SR and Lees B.
J Applied Toxicology 2007; 27 (4): 399-409

Modern Approaches to Therapeutic Vaccination as Treatment for Type 1 Respiratory Hypersensitivity (Allergy).

Wheeler AW and Woroniecki SR.
Expert Rev Vaccines 2006; 5(1): 27-31

Ultra-short-course seasonal allergy vaccine (Pollinex® Quattro).

McCormack PL and Wagstaff AJ.
Drugs 2006; 66(7): 931-938

Collaboration between Allergy Therapeutics plc and the University of Brighton: development of improved allergy vaccine formulations incorporating Phosphatidyl Serine (PS).

Dixon MJ, Phillips JG, Skinner MA, Smart J and Holdich T.
Business Innovation for Small-Medium Sized Enterprises. 2006. University of Brighton.

Phosphatidyl serine (PS) derivatives alter the immune response of Brown Norway rats.

Dixon MJ, Phillips JG, Skinner MA, Berry A and Wheeler AW.
Clinical and Experimental Allergy. 2006. 36, 1201.

Monophosphoryl lipid A (MPL®) promotes allergen-induced immune deviation in favour of Th1 responses.

Puggioni F, Durham SR and Francis JN.
Allergy 2005; 60(5): 678-684.

Allergoid-specific T-cell reaction as a measure of the immunological response to specific immunotherapy (SIT) with a Th1-adjuvanted allergy vaccine.

von Baehr V, Hermes A, von Baehr R, Scherf H-P, Volk H-D, Fischer von Weikersthal-Drachenberg KJ and Woroniecki SR. 
J Invest Allergol Clin Immunol 2005; 15(4): 234-241

Allergy vaccines - new approaches to an old concept.

Wheeler AW and Woroniecki SR.
Expert Opinion in Biological Therapy 2004; 4(9): 1473-1481

Safety evaluation of a new allergy vaccine containing the adjuvant monophosphoryl lipid A (MPL®) for the treatment of grass pollen allergy.

Baldrick P, Richardson D, Wheeler AW and Woroniecki SR.
J. Appl. Toxicol 2004; 24: 261-268

Short-term preseasonal immunotherapy with birch pollen allergoid plus monophosphoryl lipid A (MPL®): influence on cytokine production of peripheral T-cells in patients with allergic rhinitis.

Stuck BA, Schneider-Gene S, Schafer D, Klimek L and Harmann K.
Allergy Clin Immunol Int - J World Allergy Org 2004; 16: 60-64.

Sublingual specific immunotherapy for adults and children: a post-marketing surveillance study.

Drachenberg KJ, Urban E, Proell S, Woroniecki SR.
Allergol Immunopathol 2004; 32(2): 76-81

Allergy vaccines: past, present and future.

Woroniecki SR and Wheeler AW
CPD Bulletin Immunology and Allergy 2004; 3(3): 63-67

Single-course specific immunotherapy with mixed pollen allergoids: results of a multi-centre study.

Drachenberg KJ. Proell S, Urban E and Woroniecki SR
Allergologia et Immunopathologia 2003; 31(2): 77-82

Specific immunotherapy with tyrosine-adsorbed allergens: a post-marketing surveillance study.

Drachenberg KJ, Proell S and Woroniecki SR
International Review of Allergology & Clinical Immunology 2003; 9(1): 9-13

Allergen-specific immunotherapy with a monophosphoryl lipid A-adjuvanted vaccine: reduced seasonally boosted immunoglobulin E production and inhibition of basophil histamine release by therapy-induced.

Mothes N, et al. Clin Exp Allergy 2003; 33: 1198-1208

Efficacy and tolerability of short-term specific immunotherapy with pollen allergoids adjuvanted by monophosphoryl lipid A (MPL®) for children and adolescents.

Drachenberg KJ, Heinzkill M, Urban E and Woroniecki SR.
Allergol et Immunopathol 2003; 31(5):270-277

Safety evaluation of a glutaraldehyde modified tyrosine adsorbed house dust mite extract containing monophosphoryl lipid A (MPL®) adjuvant: a new allergy vaccine for dust mite allergy.

Baldrick P, Richardson R and Wheeler AW.
Vaccine 2002; 20: 737-743

Safety Evaluation of Monophosphoryl Lipid A (MPL® adjuvant): An Immunostimulatory Adjuvant.

Baldrick P, Richardson D, Elliott G and Wheeler AW.
Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology 2002; 35: 398-413

A Review of L-tyrosine Confirming its Safe Human Use as an Adjuvant.

Baldrick P, Richardson D and Wheeler AW.
Journal of Applied Toxicology 2002; 22: 333-344

Short-term immunotherapy: results of a PMS study.

Drachenberg KJ, Proell S and Urban E. 
Allergologie 2002; 25: suppl. 2, 8-14 (text in German)

Short-term immunotherapy with tree pollen allergoids and the adjuvant monophosphoryl lipid A- results from a multi-centre, placebo-controlled, randomized, double-blind study.

Drachenberg KJ, Heinzkill M and Urban E. 
Allergologie 2002; 25(9): 466-474 (text in German)

Immunophenotypic characterization of peripheral B cells during short-term immunotherapy with tree pollen allergoid and the immunoadjuvant monophosphoryl lipid A.

Roever AC, Reimann S, Zuberbier T and Worm M. 
J Invest Allergol Clin Immunol 2002; 12(4): 227-23

A Th1-inducing adjuvant, MPL®, enhances antibody profiles in experimental animals suggesting it has the potential to improve the efficancy of allergy vaccines.

Wheeler AW, Marshall JS and Ulrich JT. 
International Archives of Allergy & Immunology 2001; 126: 135-139

Immunological adjuvants in allergy vaccines: past, present and future.

Wheeler AW and Woroniecki SR.
Allergology International 2001; 50: 295-301

A well-tolerated grass pollen specific allergy vaccine containing a novel adjuvant, monophosphoryl lipid A (MPL®), reduces allergic symptoms after only four preseasonal injections.

Drachenberg KJ, Wheeler AW, Stuebner P and Horak F.
Allergy 2001; 56: 498-505.

Standardisation of a glutaraldehyde-modified allergen tyrosine adsorbed vaccine using an assay system with a europium label.

Newland BJ, Lees BG and Woroniecki SR.
International Review of Allergology & Clinical Immunology 2001; 7(3): 95-101

Standardisation of glutaraldehyde-modified tyrosine-adsorbed tree pollen vaccines containing the Th1-inducing adjuvant, monophosphoryl lipid A (MPL®).

Hopkins M, Lees BG, Richardson DG, Woroniecki SR and Wheeler AW.
Allergologia et Immunopathologia 2001; 29(6): 245-254

Sublingual immunotherapy - results from a multi-centre, randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled study with a standardised birch and grass/rye pollen extract.

Drachenberg KJ, Pfeiffer P and Urban E. 
Allergologie 2001; 24(11): 525-534. (text in German)



Molecular Fingerprinting of Complex Grass Allergoids: size assessments reveal new insights in epitope repertoires and functional capacities

Starchenka S., Bell A. J., Mwange J., Skinner M. A., Heath M. D. EAACI, Helsinki, 2017

Mite allergoid immunotherapy: allergome content and immunoreactivity defines effective platform for SCIT

Starchenka S., Heath M. D., Grew S. P., Hewings S. J., Skinner M. A., EAACI, Helsinki, 2017

Selection of the optimal dose for an ultra-short course subcutaneous immunotherapy for Rhinoconjunctivitis for Birch Allergic patients 

Worm M., Zielen S., Higenbottam T., Pfaar O., Mosges R., Aberer W., Lee D., Kramer M. F., Skinner M. A., EAACI, Helsinki, 2017

Microcrystalline Tyrosine (MCT): a depot adjuvant used in allergy offers new opportunities in infectious disease

Cabral-Miranda G., Heath M. D., El-Turabi A., Salman A. M., Gomes A. C., Montoya-Diaz E., Atcheson E., Skinner M. A., Kramer M. F., Reyes-Sandoval A., Bachmann M. F., EAACI, Helsinki, 2017

Immunisation Of Mice With Protein Antigen And Microcrystalline Tyrosine (MCT) Depot Adjuvants Stimulate Strong Antibody And Th1-Like Immune Responses In Mice

Leuthard D., Duda A., Freiberger S., Hjálmsdóttir Á., Heath M. D., Kramer M. F., Kündig T., Johansen P., EAACI, Helsinki 2017

Non-allergic rhinitis: new adjuvant treatment with probiotic formulation

Gelardi M., De Luca C., Taliente S., Fiorella M. L., Quaranta N., Russo C., Ciofalo A., Macchi A., Mancini M., Rosso P., Seccia V., Guagnini F., Ciprandi G., EAACI, Helsinki, 2017

Atopic dermatitis and probiotics: a real life experience

Rial Prado M. J., Seoane Rodríguez M, EAACI, Helsinki, 2017

A prospective open multi-centre non-interventional study to assess the tolerability, the safety profile and the adherence of different up-dosing schemes for a sublingual immunotherapy treatment

Breitrueck N. Y., Zieglmayer P., Allekotte S., Hess M., Guethoff S., Kramer M., Moesges R., EAACI, Helsinki, 2017.

Structural and immunological characterisation of a broad-spectrum grass allergoid vaccine.

Starchenka, S., Heath, M.D., Bell, A.J., Bullimore, A.D. & Skinner, M.A. AAAAI, Atlanta, 2017.


Physicochemical and immunological characterization of grass allergoids: detection of allergen composition and identification of novel epitopes

Starchenka, S., Heath, M., Bell, A., & Skinner, M. EAACI, Vienna, 2016

Microcrystalline tyrosine as an adjuvant in allergy immunotherapy: a mouse study

Leuthard, D., Freiberger, S., Weiss, S., Duda, A., Heath, M., Skinner, M., Kramer M., Kuendig, T., Johansen, P. EAACI, Vienna, 2016

Developing a multi-species probiotic platform for food intolerance. 

Besseling van der Vaart, I., Heath, M., Guagnini, F., & Kramer, M. EAACI, Vienna, 2016 

Supporting diagnostic test allergens used for in vivo diagnosis of allergic disease: a case study

Heath, M., Starchenka, S., & Skinner, M. EAACI, Vienna, 2016

Ultra–short-term revaccination using tyrosine-absorbed specific allergoids enhanced with monophosphoryl lipid A (MPL) as a highly effective option for treating recurrent grass pollen-induced allergic rhinitis

Lang, S., Pieper-Fürst., U, Reydelet, Y., Astvatsatourov, A., Shah-Hosseini, K., Mösges, R., Kramer, M., Klimek, L., Pfaar, O. EAACI, Vienna, 2016

Grass pollen season 2015 in Vienna (Austria), Berlin (Germany) and Turku (Finland): Spatial and temporal variation in pollination of different grass species and their impact on pollen allergy sufferers

Kmenta, M., Bastl, K., Bergmann, K., Hewings, S., Kramer, M., Pätsi, S., Pessi , A., Saarto, A., Skinner, M., Werchan, B., Werchan, M., Zetter, R., and Berger, U. EAACI, Vienna, 2016


Molecular, proteomic and immunological parameters of allergens provide inclusion criteria for new candidates within established grass and tree homologous groups

Heath, M.D., Swan, N.J., Hutchings, J.W., Mwange, J.D., Collis, J., & Skinner, M.A. EAACI, Barcelona, 2015

Protein and MPL® (Monophosphoryl Lipid A) Adsorption Capacities for MCT (Microcrystalline Tyrosine) compared against existing Adjuvants

Bell, A.J., Thomas, N.G., & Skinner, M.A. EAACI, Barcelona, 2015

Preclinical study on Microcrystalline Tyrosine (MCT) adjuvants in allergy immunotherapy

Heath, M.D., Weiss, S., Johansen, P., Kuendig, T., Kramer, M.F & Skinner, M.A. EAACI, Barcelona, 2015

Localisation kinetics of aluminium Hydroxide after subcutaneous injection in a Rat model

Heath, M.D., Hewings, S.J., Bullimore, A.D., Kramer, M.F., Skinner, M.A. EAACI, Barcelona, 2015

An observational post authorisation 1 year follow-up study of the safety, tolerability, satisfaction and effectiveness of a modified mite-allergoid subcutaneous immunotherapy

Roger A., Depreux N., Jurgens Y., Heath M.D., Mwange, J.D., Skinner, M.A. EAACI, Barcelona, 2015

Identification of Hymenoptera Venom major allergens via MS/MS and sequence matching

Hutchings, J.W., Starchenka S.M., Mwange J.D., Heath M.D., Skinner M.A. EAACI, Barcelona, 2015


The nature and extent of adsorption of adjuvant MPL to a MATA complex in candidate therapeutic formulations for use in immunotherapy.

Bell AJ, Packer DP, Thomas NG, Skinner MA EAACI, Copenhagen, 2014

Biological Standardisation and Comparability of IHRP for Use in the Assessment of Allergen Immunotherapy Products.

Mwange JD, Collis J, Newlands BN, Hewings SJ, Skinner MA EAACI, Copenhagen, 2014

Validation of the Phadia 100 for Use In Analysis Of IgG and IgG4 In rBet v1 Reactive Serum.

Mwange JD, Thomas NG, Hutchings JW, Hewings SJ, Skinner MA EAACI, Copenhagen, 2014

Acarovac Plus development and clinical report of a novel tyrosine-adsorbed, modified house dust-mite allergen product.

Roger A, Heath MD, Skinner MA EAACI, Copenhagen, 2014

L-Tyrosine: benefits as a depot adjuvant.

Heath MD, Exley C, Hutchings JW, Skinner MA EAACI, Copenhagen, 2014

Biological functionality, epitope conservation and taxonomic diversity of clinically relevant allergens".

Heath MD, Swan NJ, Hutchings  JW , Mwange JD, Collis J, Skinner MA EAACI, Copenhagen, 2014


Preservation of the structural functionality of adjuvant MPL in different candidate MATA-MPL therapeutic formulations for use in immunotherapy.

A.J Bell, D.T Packer and M.A Skinner EAACI, Milan, 2013

Relevant allergens across species - similarities and differences

N.J Swan, J.W Hutchings, B.J Newland, J.D Mwange, S.J Hewings, A.D Bullimore and M.A Skinner EAACI, Milan, 2013

Patient serum sensitivity profiles for allergens prevalent in Italy is geographically relevant

S.J Hewings, J.W Hutchings, J.D Mwange, N.J Swan and M.A Skinner EAACI, Milan, 2013

Development of a novel mite allergoid product for use in immunotherapy

N. Depreux, A. Roger, Y. Jurgens, M. Basagaña, G. Garcia Cadena, A. Bullimore and M. Skinner EAACI, Milan, 2013

Bee and wasp venom allergen standardisation and characterisation

J.W Hutchings, A.J Bell, A.D Bullimore and M.A Skinner EAACI, Milan, 2013

Broad-Spectrum Immunotherapy – Heterogeneity of biological profile of grasses within the family of sweet grasses and improved patient relevance of grass mix products.

A.D Bullimore, T.N Batten and M.A Skinner EAACI, Milan, 2013

Tyrosine as a biodegradable depot adjuvant for use in immunotherapy

A.D Bullimore, S.J Hewings and M.A Skinner EAACI, Milan, 2013

Growth characteristics and major allergen (Blo t 5) content of custom manufactured and commercially available Blomia tropicalis mite cultures.

Ardusso L. Maspero J., Bullimore A. & Skinner MA. EAACI, Milan, 2013


Characterisation of allergen profiles using Gel Electrophoresis Protein Profile Analysis

Hutchings J W, Francklin J L, Batten T N, Hewings S J and Skinner M A

Allergy Therapeutics, Worthing, UK. EAACI Geneva 2012

Heterogeneity of Biological Profile of Grasses within the Pooideae Family; Benefits of Grass Mixes

Bullimore A D, Batten T N and Skinner M A

Allergy Therapeutics, Worthing, UK. EAACI Geneva 2012

Application of AlphaLISA® technology in the assessment of Olea europaea total IgE allergenicity

Swan N J, Duncan S J, Hewings S J and Skinner M A

Allergy Therapeutics, Worthing, UK. EAACI Geneva 2012

Identification of the cut-off point between adequately and inadequately controlled rhinoconjunctivitis/rhinitis using a quality of life Questionnaire

Scadding G, Batten T N, Skinner M A, Dunham K A, Capella A and Calderon M

Allergy Therapeutics, Worthing, UK & Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust, London, UK. BSACI Nottingham 2012

Application of AlphaLISA® technology in the assessment of Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus and Dermatophagoides farinae total IgE Allergenicity

Swan N J, Duncan S J, Hewings S J and Skinner M A

Allergy Therapeutics, Worthing, UK. BSACI Nottingham 2012

Standardisation and relevance of human sera pools for use in testing of therapeutic products: Challenges in geographical diversity and availability

Hewings S J, Bullimore A D and Skinner M A

Allergy Therapeutics, Worthing, UK. BSACI Nottingham 2012


Proteomics and Assessment of Major Allergen Cross-Reactivity in Birch, Hazel and Alder Species with Development of Quantitative Identity Methods for Gel Image Analysis.

Batten, TN, Swan, NJ and Skinner, MA. EAACI, Istanbul, 2011

Purification and Characterisation of Lol p 1 from Rye Grass and Validation of a Robust ELISA platform for Assessment of Group 1 Allergens from Rye Cross-Reactive Species of Grass.

Bell, AJ, Hutchings, JW, Newland, BJ and Skinner, MA. EAACI, Istanbul, 2011

Development of a Multi-Dose Subcutaneous Product for Flexible Patient Treatment.

Oluoma, LO, Batten, TB, Williams T and Skinner MA. EAACI, Istanbul, 2011

Development of Inhibition ELISA assay platforms suitable for assessment of IgE reactivity across pollen, epithelial, mould and food allergens

Bullimore A, Newland B, Alawode W, Swan N & Skinner, M EAACI Istanbul 2011

Three Week Subcutaneous Administration Toxicity Study in the Juvenile Rat with a Four Week Recovery Period.

Hewings, SJ, Hutchings, JW and Skinner MA. EAACI, Istanbul, 2011

Allergen Standardisation in Allergens and Allergoids – Challenges and Considerations.

Hewings, SJ, Bullimore, AD and Skinner MA. EAACI, Istanbul, 2011

Development of quantitative identity methods for gel image analysis for the assessment of major allergen cross-reactivity in tree species.

T.N. Batten, N.J. Swan and Skinner, MA.   BSACI p48 P1, Nottingham 2011

RP-HI-HPLC Purification of Rye Grass Allergen Lol p 1 and Development of an ELISA platform for assessment of IgG reactivity.

J.W. Hutchings, A.J. Bell, B.J. Newland and Skinner, MA. BSACI p48 P3, Nottingham 2011


Purification, standardisation and characterisation of grass mix products.

Bullimore, Alan; Swan, Nicola; Bell, Andrew; Alawode, Wemimo; Newland, Brian; Hutchings, James; Skinner, Murray. Allergy Therapeutics, Worthing, United Kingdom EAACI, London 2010 A66

Strategies in trend analysis for compliance with EMEA guidance on Allergen products

Oluoma, Leonita; Batten, Toby; Borgars, David; Skinner, Murray. Allergy Therapeutics, Worthing, United Kingdom EAACI, London 2010 A663

Development of an appropriate genotoxicity package for subcutaneous immunotherapy products.

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Standardization of Tyrosine Adsorbate Depots for use as Subcutaneous Vaccines

A. D. Bullimore and M. A. Skinner

Workshop on current problems in Allergy Vaccine Development and Manufacturing, Cuba

Challenges in design of an appropriate genotoxicity package for allergen products

S.J Hewings and M. A. Skinner

Workshop on current problems in Allergy Vaccine Development and Manufacturing, Cuba 

Novel approaches to standardizing grass mix product

A. D. Bullimore, N.J.Swan, W.A.Alawode and M. A. Skinner

Workshop on current problems in Allergy Vaccine Development and Manufacturing, Cuba 

Poster Publication

Various authors.

XXVIII EAACI conference, Warsaw, Poland, 2009

Selected posters to 2008

Mutagenicity Testing Of Modified Allergen Tyrosine Absorbate (MATA) Monophosphoryl Lipid (MPL) and Phosphatidylserine (PS) Products.

Dixon M.J., Rose S.F., Heywood J., Skinner M.A., Lees B.G., Holdich T., Wheeler A., Berry T., Bullimore. A.D, Phillips G.J.

Allergy Therapeutics Plc., Worthing, BN14 8SA, UK. and Biomedical Materials Research Group, School of Pharmacy and Biomolecular Sciences, University of Brighton, Lewes Rd, Brighton, BN2 4GJ, U.K. International Respiratory Congress, Las Vegas December 2006

Determination of the Solubility Characteristics of Tyrosine Adsorbed Subcutaneous Allergy Vaccines

J.P. Salvage, A.D. Bullimore, M.A. Skinner and G.J. Phillips

School of Pharmacy & Biomolecular Sciences, University of Brighton, Brighton, UK. Allergy Therapeutics Ltd, Worthing, West Sussex, UK. British Pharmaceutical Conference Sep 2008

Poster Publication

Various authors.