Research and Development

Clinical Development ImageR&D Senior Management Team

Our research and development group is organised with key senior managers leading the following areas of the investigational product lifecycle:

  • Innovation and concept
  • Product development
  • Target product profiling
  • Process development and technology transfer
  • Method development & validation
  • Regulatory affairs and filing strategy
  • Clinical sciences and operations
  • Scientific communications

We have a range of licensed products, named patient products and investigational products in clinical development. We have recently made key appointments in our clinical teams to accommodate the increase in clinical development in both European and US markets.


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Our early phase (phase I/II) clinical development programme is led by Head of Clinical Sciences Simon Piggott.

Our late phase (phase II/III) clinical development programme is led by Head of Clinical Operations Denise Lee.

The recent appointment of Simon Piggott and planned growth within Simon and Denise’s teams will allow us to realise our ambitious plans for clinical development in Europe.


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Our US programme is led by Clinical Director Pieter-Jan de Kam. Pieter-Jan is responsible for clinical development of products for the US market.