Share Information

The total number of shares issued is 636,168,616 Ordinary Shares of 0.1 pence each. 61.17% of the shares are not in public hands, as at 11 June 2019.

Significant Shareholders

The following were the significant shareholders as notified to the Company at 11 June 2019:

Shareholder nameAmount% Holding
CFR International SPA & Associated Holding240,584,57137.82
Southern Fox Investments127,238,78322.69
SkyGem Acquisition Limited (ZQ Capital)124,020,70819.50

Director Shareholdings

Director nameAmount% Holding
Manuel Llobet*3,325,0000.52
Stephen Smith775,5130.12
Peter Jensen170,0000.03
Nick Wykeman*300,0000.03
Tunde Otulana50,0000.01

*Executive Director