Share Information

The total number of shares issued is 4,766,439,938 Ordinary Shares of 0.1 pence each. 92.62% of the shares are not in public hands, as at 13 December 2023.

Significant Shareholders

The following were the significant shareholders as notified to the Company at 30 November 2023:

Shareholder nameAmount% Holding
SkyGem Acquisition Limited (ZQ Capital)3,098,231,53365.00
Southern Fox Investments1,307,377,39827.43

Director Shareholdings

Director nameAmount% Holding
Manuel Llobet*5,001,2000.10
Peter Jensen2,100,0000.04
Anthony Parker1,925,0000.04
Zheqing (Simon) Shen90,0000.00
Tunde Otulana50,0000.00

*Executive Director