Who we are

We are a visionary immunology business with specialist experience in the research and development of allergy treatments. We have a well-established commercial presence in Europe and are focused on the US market opportunity.

What we do

We specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of allergy. Allergy vaccination is a successful treatment that deals with the underlying cause of allergies and not just the symptoms.

We mainly sell our products in European countries and our pipeline of products in clinical development includes vaccines for grass, tree and house dust mite, as well as a peanut allergy vaccine in preclinical development. Adjuvant systems to boost performance of vaccines outside allergy are also under evaluation.

What makes us different

Our ultra-short course treatments consist of 6 injections compared to daily tablets or an average treatment in the market of a 12-15 course of injections. Our approach offers the simplicity of fewer injections, increased tolerability and demonstrated efficacy.

Our adjuvant technologies improve therapies by allowing them to increase efficacy. We are further developing this concept in our specialist business, Bencard Adjuvant Systems; improving health and evaluating vaccinations for infectious diseases and cancer treatments.

Our values have created a culture based around vision, commitment and humanity. We take extraordinary ideas and bring them to market - enhancing treatments and transforming people's lives.