Shareholder Information

Issued share capital

Shares in issue: 596,168,616 0.1p ordinary shares in issue, as at last close.
Shares held not in public hands: 372,119, 867 0.1p ordinary shares, being 62.42% of the issued share capital, as at 16 July 2018.
Shares held in treasury: Nil 0.1p ordinary shares, as at 16 July 2018.

Share Dealing

Shares in Allergy Therapeutics plc can be bought or sold through the share dealing services outlined below or by contacting your stockbroker. However, if you sell or dispose of your shares, you may be liable for capital gains tax. It is therefore recommended that you seek independent professional advice on the consequences of selling or disposing of shares yourself.

Share Dealing Services Available

By post:

Allergy Therapeutics,
Dominion Way,
West Sussex,
BN14 8SA,
United Kingdom

By telephone: +44 1903 844700

Online: To contact Allergy Therapeutics, please click here.

Downloadable Forms

Private and corporate shareholders can advise of a change of address by post:

Click here to download the Change of Address Form

Shareholders can also transfer shares to another person:

Click here to download the Stock Transfer Form

Warning to Shareholders

Allergy Therapeutics is aware that there are a number of share scams in operation and warns shareholders to be cautious when dealing with their shares. The Company would like to draw shareholders’ attention to the advice given by the FCA on this subject. Please click here to visit their website for further information and advice.